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One- it is recommended for an easy and helpful usage of very diverse features, certainly click on "profile" and review the options and fill them. This site is designed in such a way that if you complete the details for only one time, puts very attractive opportunities in front of you.



Tip: If you're going through the website of your income, it is necessary to understand that activities in revenue parts such as club, site consultant and teachers of the site (create training course) It is possible to insert information based on the user's true identity.



Two- any activity at site based on buying services supplied in various parts. Based on the determination only one type of currency (rials or dollars) is possible and if you want to use both units, it is required to create two independent accounts. This means that if for example if you have charged a rial payment account you can only pay with rials and charge your account with rials.



Three- you choose any currency, you can offer your services to both units to gain income.



The proceeds will be deposited into a bank account nominated by you if its rials it will deposit to your rial account and dollar to dollar account. Otherwise currency equivalent for price calculation and will be deposited into your account.



For ease of use capabilities User Panel grant the following link



To set the identifying information, internet, banking, clubs, counsellors and teachers see the site profile page click here



To set or change the default language, locale and password visit the “settings” page click here



To increase reliability, request deposit money into your personal account visit the “credit” click here



To know about your financial benefits of your gift visit the “gift credit” page click here



To know about your current status of your shopping visit the “order” page click here



To know about comments and views of visitors of your article visit the “comments” page click here



 To do any correspondence with management, other parts of the site, students or clients visit the “ticket” page click here



To know about status of your consultation appointment(s) that you have reserved by our consultants visit the "My Consultations" page click here



To know about registration status of the webinar and seminars visit "My seminars" page click here



To know about educational courses and access to them visit “My courses” page click here



To know about video, audio and other bought files visit the “Licence” page click here




 For any further assistance please refer to the Help page on the site and if you have questions, takes us through the "Ticket" we are proud to help out

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